Wrath & Grace Radio Episode 5 | An Interview with Tony of Hazakim

Join Marrio and Luke as they interview a very special guest, Tony from the legendary Christian Hip Hop group Hazakim. The ensuing discussion touched on such topics as, who Hazakim is, the future of CHH, and the role Wrath and Grace has to play in it. Hardcore CHH heads, Christians interested in the arts, and all believers alike will benefit from this fruitful discussion.

Find all things Hazakim here.

Purchase The Calling (and more) here.

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  1. Chris Noegel 10 months ago

    Yo, I just wanted to take a second to thank you brothers for this podcast. I truly enjoyed your interview with Tony. Hazakim has been very influential along with Lampmode and now Wrath and Grace, in grounding me and God using that to grow a hunger in me for deeper study of him. Also on a side note I love the urban style you guys bring to the table! Keep up the good work my dudes! Looking forward to many more episodes of W&G Radio!

  2. Brandon roots 10 months ago

    Love all the work ball of you are doing! Keep it up.

  3. Serenity 10 months ago

    great interview with Hazakim

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