Grappling with Theology Ep 8 | False Teachers and Fake Black Belts

False Teachers and Fake Black Belts

False teachers and fake black belts are everywhere. Whether in the church or in the dojo, there are those who will want to pervert the purity of the word of God or even a martial arts system and twist it for profit. The bible gives us explicit warnings of who false teachers are and how to identify them. However, martial arts systems; even those which have published works, often don’t warn the potential student that there may be fake teachers out to take advantage of them. Nor do they give clear warning signs of what to look for in a fake black belt.

This week Frank helps us identify what to look for in a fake black belt. Whether in BJJ or a striking art, fake black belts are out there and we want to help you avoid the bad teachers so that you don’t waste time and money under a bad teacher.

Questions from the Dojo

Our questions this week is from Tom Mammen. Tom wants to know what martial arts are illegitimate. Frank gives an answer you may not expect.  Frank refers to a Facebook group you may want to check out:

We have 2 more questions we address, please listen in. If you have questions about martial arts, theology, apologetics, evangelism, scripture, or any other topic please email us at Please share this episode on your social media platforms to help us grow. We appreciate your prayers!

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See you on the mats this week. Peace out!


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