Theology Gals | Episode 8 | Dispensationalism with Andrew Rappaport

This week Ashley and Coleen discuss dispensationalism with Andrew Rappaport. What is dispensationalism and how is it different from Covenant theology? 

Andrew is founder and president of Striving for Eternity Ministries.  He is also the author of What Do They Believe?


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  1. Rob McKenzie 7 months ago

    Great, thanks for getting back. I am listening to your latest on Subordination, it’s very good.

    • Author
      Coleen Sharp 7 months ago

      Thanks, we appreciate that. Rachel Miller is excellent on the topic

  2. Rob McKenzie 7 months ago

    Thanks for the podcast although while I appreciate the friendly discussion between Christians I wish some of Andrews statements had been challenged. Dispensationalism is not a hermeneutic it is the end result of an applied hermeneutic, in the same way Covenant Theology is the result of an applied hermeneutic. A theological system is not the hermeneutic, hermeneutics are how we interpret a text not the results of the interpretation.
    Also Luther did not promote a private interpretation. He along with Calvin would say that all people should be able to read the Bible for themselves but that as Calvin would say; “The Church is our mother”. Meaning that we don’t do our theology in a vacuum historical interpretation is a vital part in how we understand Scripture.
    Also, New Covenant Theology is not a view held within Covenant Theology. It is actually a theological development in Dispensationalism that has tried to merge Baptist Covenant Theology with Dispensationalism. Perhaps here we would disagree. But since New Covenant Theology is strongly anti Pedo-baptist it origins would be found outside of what has historically been understood as Covenant Theology.

    • Author
      Coleen Sharp 7 months ago

      I absolutely agree with you regarding New Covenant Theology. We take strong issues with it. And yes, just because it has “Covenant Theology” in its title doesn’t mean it has anything to do with Reformed Covenant Theology. We talked about that on our episode on Covenant Theology with Dr. Scott Clark.

      The purpose of this episode was to explain what Dispensationalism is, not to debate it. On our episode with Dr. R. Scott Clark on Covenant Theology we did touch briefly on some of the issues with dispensationalism. At some point we plan to do a more thorough episode responding to dispensationalism. I came out of dispensationalism almost 25 years ago, so I know well the issues with it.

      I agree on Luther and Calvin. That’s something we will talk about more. We’re confessional for that reason.

      I appreciate the feedback.

  3. Bruce Zittlow 11 months ago

    Luther never argued for a private interpretation of scripture.

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