Grappling with Theology Ep 9 | Do You Have A Game Plan?

Do you have a game plan?

Making a game plan is critical for success in BJJ, MMA, and your Christian walk. This week Frank uses his experience as a martial arts instructor and manager of MMA legend Matt Serra to teach us how we can game plan for success on the mats.

Whether its in the dojo or in a tournament, you need a game plan if you are going to be successful in martial arts.

Listener Feedback

Coleen Sharp of the Theology Gals left us feedback about special needs ministry discussion from episode 7. Coleen is a mom of a special needs kid and she had some very encouraging words for us. She certainly understands the need to be proactive in preparing a church for special needs ministry.

On episode 8 we discussed false teachers and fake martial arts. Paul Kienle left a comment in the Reformed Dojo Facebook group (click here to join the Reformed Dojo on Facebook) about the spiritual aspects of most martial arts. We address his comment as well.

Questions from the Dojo

We had 5 great questions from the Reformed Dojo Facebook group this week. You can email us your questions at



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