Calvin and Servetus with Tyler Vela | Theology Gals | Episode 29

On this episode of Theology Gals Coleen talks with Tyler Vela about Calvin and Servetus. There’s a lot of misrepresentations of the story of Calvin and Servetus. They discuss what really happened and why accurately handling history matters.

Episode Resources:

Freed Thinker Podcast

Why Accurately Handling History Matters by Tyler Vela – Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Disclaimer: The opinions detailed in any resources recommended by Theology Gals, does not necessarily mean an endorsement in their entirety.

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  1. Leighton 5 months ago

    The Bible Thumping Wingnuts (Theology Gals) podcast invited Tyler Vela on to address the Servetus issue and to critique an article I wrote on the subject last year…

    Without quoting me even once or playing a single clip from any of my podcasts, Tyler attempts to paint me (and Frank Viola) as a rabid anti-Calvinists who call Calvin a “bloodthirsty tyrant” or a “Jihad Jean” so as to discredit all Calvinists, which obviously is a blatant falsehood that Tyler has been repeatedly corrected on.

    Please help me spread this message so those who happen to listen to that Podcast know better. Thank you.

    • Author
      Coleen Sharp 5 months ago

      Hi Leighton, I went ahead and approved this for fairness’ sake.

      Today it was my inbox full of messages, “Did you hear Leighton Flowers?”

      I want to make clear I disagreed with things you said. I may or may not respond in more detail. I felt there were misrepresentations. I think it’s unfair for you to claim “misrepresentations” when you seem to do the same. You pretty much even say, “Calvinists say they don’t believe this, but they do.” If you want us to listen to where you say you’ve been misrepresented, please do the same.

      Speaking of, not sure where on my podcast Tyler said, “who call Calvin a “bloodthirsty tyrant” or a “Jihad Jean””when referring to you. I was a bit shocked by these comments. It was never said on our podcast, but people reading your comment may assume it was.

      The purpose of this podcast wasn’t really to talk about you. Or even Calvinism specifically
      I mentioned you only because Tyler was responding to you with his articles. Tyler’s research on the real story of Calvin and Servetus was consistent with my own. I appreciate how well cited his articles have been. The reason I had Tyler on was to talk about that. I recommended my listeners look to Tyler’s articles which were well cited. Because he’s written on it and cited everything well, we shouldn’t have to do that on the podcast also. For the record, a well known church historian listened and recommended the episode.

      Not that I think you’ll ever listen to any of our other podcasts, but we’re not really one which attacks other teachers. Our podcast on Tim Keller for instance, we were criticized for being “too soft”. I feel your listeners may think we did a podcast to criticize “Leighton Flowers” and I spoke with many who listened to the podcast and in no way did they feel that was the purpose.

      A couple of not very important details:
      Just to be clear, Theology Gals doesn’t have Bible Thumping Wingnut in our name, we’re just part of the network. At times it sounded like we were on the Bible Thumping Wingnut podcast with the things you said.
      The network has many podcasts.

      I don’t know that you’ll ever talk about me again, I don’t see any reason why you would,
      I don’t know that we’ll mention you much again,
      but my name is Coleen, only one L, So the ō is long. Pronounced KOH-LEEN. Honest mistake, happens all the time. I’m guessing you’ve dealt with people pronouncing your name incorrectly also.

      Ashley, (my co-host) and I don’t really follow people like John Piper. We have many disagreements with him.

      We’re Reformed. Presbyterian specifically. We would differ with many on the network. And many Calvinists.

      Our goal with Theology Gals is to encourage women in the study of God’s Word, theology and church history. So ladies, don’t take our word for it, or Leighton’s. Research and study.

  2. Bruce Zittlow 5 months ago

    Leighton, I think you owe the lady an apology. Let’s see if you have enough courage to do so.

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