Clayton Jennings Highlights His Genitals and References Obscene Hand Gesture in Latest Video

In the past I have urged and pleaded with Clayton Jennings to Repent – Here 

Jennings is a man who is running from correction. He has been stripped of his ministry credentials. When church discipline was placed upon him he left his home church, the same church where his father was senior pastor.

Clayton ran from God into the arms of anyone who claims to be christian that would embrace him.  He no longer is accepted within orthodox christianity.  He now runs among those who preach the health and wealth prosperity. He recently held revival meetings in a church who’s pastor frequently holds healing services and has been known to use a well know parlor trick to lengthen the legs of those who suffer leg or hip discomfort.

The reasons for Clayton to be under church discipline has been documented – Here. 

And now this. Yet another public display of pride, immaturity, arrogance and worldliness.

Clayton describes his rejection of Satan’s lies as giving the middle finger:

“I denied Satan’s lies like Judas with a

middle finger and a slow kiss.”

As Clayton attempt to confront sissified christian men he says:

“I used to be timid but I reached between

my legs and what they lack is what I found”

I do not hate this man.  I am concerned for his soul and those who ignorantly follow him.

I urge you to pray for this man. Run from this man. Warn others of this man.

For more about me click –Here 

My friends at Pulpit & Pen also wrote a blog addressing Clayton Jennings latest video and can be viewed – Here


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