Demons and the Occult & Young Earth Creation | Slick Answers | CARM | SFE | BTWN

Open Q&A

Topics include:
– We discussed Matt’s book The Influence

– What is your understanding of how demon possession works

– Discussion on angels & demons

– Matt shares some crazy stories of his occult years

– Discussion of small groups and how they can be good or bad

– Discussion of the Emerging Movement, Matt referred to his article

– Does someone that does not hold to a young earth, therefore, reject the rest of the authority of the Bible.

– Andrew recommends the book On the Origin of Kinds

– Discussion of the age of the earth and if it is necessary to hold to a young earth to believe the Bible


Help Matt out:

Check out:
Christian Apologetics Research Ministry (CARM)
Striving for Eternity


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