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There has been a movement within Roman Catholicism that has similar to the experiences of the Charismatic movement in the Protestant churches. In this episode, we provide an overview of the Roman Catholic Church doctrine and how it differs from Biblical Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church differs from Biblical Christianity in many areas of theology. We evaluate the differences in their authority, view of Mary, how a person can be righteous before God and what happens after we die.

Andrew has to do a spiritual transition from the movie Star Wars to the gospel live and without delay. He puts his pop culture illiteracy on display but still is able to make the transition from the nature to the spiritual.

The logical fallacy for Name that Fallacy is from the Charismatic Gifts debate with Jordan Hall and Ante Pavkovic from the Judge Not Conference. Can you name that fallacy? Check out the full debate with Andrew Rappaport moderating it: Debate ñ Have the Charismatic Gifts Ceased

We discuss this issue with the expert on the Charismatic Movement, Justin Peters. We discuss the that the Charismatic Catholics share the same experience as the Christians Charismatics. How can one decern the difference? The key to the Charismatic Movement is the music to create an experience for an emotional response.

Justin discusses his relationship with Costi Hinn, Benny Hinn’s nephew.

Justin discusses the history of the Charismatic Movement and the Catholic Charismatic movement.

Justin and Andrew discuss the importance of reasoning over feeling.


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