Total Inability? | Slick Answers with Matt Slick & Andrew Rappaport | CARM | SFE | BTWN

Someone wants to debate Matt on total inability. We will see if that happens but we will have an open Q&A.

Topics on the show are:

– Andrew asks a question of Matt about Covenant Theologians and the land promises were fulfilled in the church spiritual then what is the fulfillment cities of refuge in Deuteronomy 19:7-9.

– A discussion on total inability, total depravity and free will and there was an examination of John 6:65 and John 6:45. Eric was against Calvinism and tried to argue against it, well conceding to Matt’s points.

– Matt, Andrew, and friend Glenn talk some funny stories about what happens when they all get together

– good discussion on philosophy and cause

Charismatic Gifts Discussion with Matt Slick and Andrew Rappaport

– Matt discussing his article on false prophets denied the Lord who bought them

– Jordan states that he is one step closing to becoming a Christian by reading CS Lewis because he realized that God is a personal God.


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