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Hollywood destroys one of itself own with Harvey Weinstein. This should not surprise us because Hollywood has been pushing an anti-Christian agenda for a long time.

Sexual Abuse Occurs even in the Church Body

This episode is not for children. We will be discussing things that children are not ready to hear in an adult manner.

Discussion with Pastor R. Frank Mullis of Striving for Eternity and Coleen Sharp of the Theology Gals podcast

Can the church protect itself from sexual predators?

What can we look for in a woman that might be being abused?

What signs can we look for in men that might become abusive?

How can we help both the abuser and the abusee?

What does real repentance look like for abusers?

How can we protect our children?

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References mentioned in the podcast:
Working For Harvey Weinstein Taught Me What Rape Culture Is

Moguls and starlets: 100 years of Hollywoodís corrosive, systemic sexism 


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