Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? | Theology Gals | Episode 42

On this episode of Theology Gals Coleen and Ashley discuss Christmas. The gals talk about whether we should participate in religious and private celebrations of Christmas and how we should approach this holiday from a Reformed perspective.

Episode Resources:

Is Christmas Scriptural? by G. I. Williamson

A Reformed Pastor’s Thoughts on the Observance of Christmas by Chris Strevel

Celebrating a Calvinist Christmas with a Clear Conscience Is the Holiday Unpresbyterian? by Mark Horne

The Observance of Christmas by Stephen D. Doe


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  1. Josh Martin 3 days ago

    Love your podcast as you are very thorough and generally very kind. I don’t want to waste your time so I’m going to get right to it. Do we need a command to worship God for each individual thing he has done? Why not worship Jesus Christ for his condescending to become a little lower than the angels, a mortal man? Where in scripture do we see a command to worship on the Lord’s day? I’m not saying it’s a command to worship him for this near December 25th, I’m saying way more fits into Christian liberty than you allow. Doing things to avoid being too Catholic if you were to be consistent may prevent you from having a catechism and a church building. When approaching these things, telling people they ought to follow the dictates of their conscience would be more wise. Let’s avoid making a law where there is none. This is definitely a weaker/stronger brother issue, and remember, it’s only the stronger brother who is sinning. This last part I’m approaching with much fear and trepidation, but I love yall too much to remain silent. I learned what virtue signalling is from you guys. Although not many know what it is, no one wants to hear or read it and it ought not be done by us understanding we are where we are by His Grace alone. My name is Josh Martin. Pray for me as I still am battling this. Ashley, you virtue signal frequently. Listen to an episode and count how many times you say “Well I blank blank blank.” At times saying things this way is inevitable but when done humbly and rarely with the right tone it MIGHT come across right. Frankly, I picture you looking down on me when you do virtue signal. I’m certain it isn’t the way you want to be heard. It’s up to you to introspectively determine whether the rapid absorption of knowledge has puffed you up. Be built up by this both of you as God is using you in a powerful way. If I hated you, I’d do nothing. Your example of discipleship is absolutely beautiful and a tangible glimpse into the kingdom. Be blessed, and keep blessing us!

    • Author
      Coleen Sharp 3 days ago

      With all due respect, we’re Reformed and hold to the Regulative Principle of Worship, along with our confessions. This is the historic Reformed position. We have Scriptural reasons for believing this.

      Which is why it’s simply not a Romans 14 issue. I think this Christian liberty/weaker brother argument is often misunderstood. This isn’t a conscience issue. It’s something we believe to be Biblical. Romans 14 is something different.

      The resources which I’ve placed on the episode go into more detail, so Iwon’t rehash what’s already been argued there.

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