Racism – Is color the issue? | The Rapp Report weekly 007 | SFE | Andrew Rappaport | Striving for Eternity

Racism has divided our nation for years but is color of skin the issue?

How should a Christian respond to racism?

Does Christianity have answers for racism?

We will cover these details and more in this episode the Rapp Report.

Pastor Paul Kaiser and Antonio Salgado Jr. of the Conversations from the Porch podcast join Andrew to discuss racism.


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Resources mentioned:

We Cannot Be Silent… Racism Is Sin http://www.jonhawkins.net/blog/we-cannot-be-silent-racism-is-sin

Conversations from the Porch on racism, part 1 http://biblethumpingwingnut.com/2017/12/03/cftp-episode-68-cannot-silent-racism-gospel-john-piper/

Check out Antonio’s ministry http://salgadodrmission.com/


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