Debates and Sneaky Christians wanting Critical Thinking in School | Slick Answers | Matt Slick

The main topic of discussion is Matt Slick’s back to back debates. Then we will discuss the NY Times article that claims that Christians are being sneaky by trying to teach creation science by forcing critical thinking to be taught in science.

Debate: Will Duffy vs Matt Slick: Is Open Theism a Proper Representation of the God of Scripture?

Debate: Matt Slick vs Will Duffy: Does Calvinism Present God as Good and Loving?

Questioning Evolution: The Push to Change Science Class 


Topics include:

– Mormon Bob came in to discuss Reformed Theology

– How does all the bad stuff in the world bring God glory?

– What is a good breakdown of the decreed, prescriptive and permissive wills of God

– Given the doctrine of immutability when Christ took on flesh did he become a man or was he always a man from eternity past?

– Are the NASB, NIV and ESV reliable translations? and how can we know?

– Discussion on the affect of music on different people.

– Where to learn more about the TAG argument. Check out tee shirt design:


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