• Adam Moritz posted an update in the group Group logo of Bible Thumping WingnutBible Thumping Wingnut 1 year, 8 months ago

    Is there any way to make it so that when people post in a group I get notified via email? Otherwise, I fear that the comments on this website will never take off like on the Facebook wall, because I have no idea when people are posting questions or comments about things, and by the time I check it might have been posted a couple of days ago.

    • We are working on that. Unfortunately the website capabilities are a bit limited compared to what we anticipated. What we have done is added a “my profile” Tab to the homepage that takes each user to their profile notifications. It’s like their inbox. However, you only get notifications from friends. the remedy is to be friends with the administrators of each group. So if you are friends with the administrator of a particular group every podcast and every blog post you will get a notification. Also if somebody tagged you in a comment Do you get notifications to.

      So we’re working on it. It’s something that’s important to us.

      • Good to know it’s being worked on. Thanks. I want the new website to be a success, so I figured letting people know when people post things would be a definite need.


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