Adam Moritz

  • John Wilkinson posted a new activity comment 11 months, 1 week ago

    @diovivente Same with me. Give it time, I guess.

  • Len Pettis posted an update in the group Group logo of Bible Thumping WingnutBible Thumping Wingnut 1 year ago

    Hello to whoever is reading this. I have deactivated my Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is where I will be interacting from our audience going forward. Send me a friend request and I’ll happily accept it. My goal is to be engaged in more meaningful conversation and be less distracted by Facebook. @tim-hurd @tim-shaugnessy @andrew-rappaport @ada…[Read more]

    • @len-pettis 10-4 Amigo!

    • Good for you! I’ve wanted to get away from the craziness of Facebook for a while now, but I use it so much for my job in ministry that I’m not sure I can ever get away from it. Blessings to your separation and I hope to still see you around here on the website.

      • Gonna be tough for sure. I deleted the app from my phone to remove temptation…

        • Hey Len, I see that you’ve posted again on Facebook. I wanted to make sure that you’ve willingly come back to Facebook, and not that your account was hacked by someone. Thought you’d want to know if it’s not you who’s on the account.

    • I feel you. I left Facebook a while back, but when I came back, I ended up making a lot of good friends in a Facebook group called BibleThumpingWingnut. 😊


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