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    Anyone ever dealt with World Mission Society Church of God? A guy I emailed ignored what I said and accused me of being a false prophet. Should I try to speak the truth about the gospel or chalk this one up to casting pearls before swine? Transcript of his email is below:

    “Explain to me who the bride is in Revelation 22:17. If you think you have it figured out.

    Let me ask you a simple question. Do you keep the Sabbath day holy? (Standard of Christianity)

    I want to cut to the chase whether or not you are willing to hear more. This will let me know if you are a false prophet or not. A different gospel is Sunday service over Saturday. The Bible and history explains that in many ways.

    Of course we can explain Heavenly Mother. Thats our main message. But if you think you got it all figured out, then why move forward?”

    • I have not heard of World Mission Society Church of God but, type that in on youtube adding “false teaching” and see what comes up. Analyze the post and using Godly discernment, you may find the answer.


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