Before we started the interview we had a discussion on Dustin Germain’s article which was banned from the Reformed Pub website. Dustin was gracious enough to allow us to publish it on our website, you can view it here:!So-you-heard-a-thing-about-those-AHA-people/c16h1/56004ada0cf2375d99d7be4d

This week we are honored to be the chosen platform to premier the new song “Sin” by Result featuring Ivey Conerly and Shai Linne. The video is not yet available to the public for free, but if you would like to support their ministry you can watch the video with a small donation, click the link to view it here:

We also play Result’s amazing song called “Curse Reversed” and he does something that has never been done in hip hop history. Click the link to watch the video:

Ivey Conerly’s song “What am I to do?”

If you wish to hear the unedited version of this interview click here for more exclusive content:

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