This is part 2 of a conversation we started with our friend and brother Jonathan Bradford. Read Jonathan’s related blogh article here:!Sanctification-in-Galatians-the-Theonomic-Error/c16h1/56dcb4a00cf222055969c73c

Jonathan has stood shoulder to shoulder with us against the assaults of certain Theonomists, and we had him on to discuss what the last year has been like since the debate last year and the separation we had with Colin Pearson who was a cohost and a theonomist. We review the first cross examination of the debate and discuss the stark contrast between the styles of the two debaters.

We then join Jonathan in exploring the scriptures; specifically Galatians 3 and 4 and discuss why those passages as well as dozens of others which utterly and completely make Theonomy an unbiblical theology.

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