In this episode, Tim and Carlos recap their criticisms of New Covenant Theology and take on the “NCT gauntlet” thrown down by Christopher Fales in Conversations From The Porch. The challenge is whether the Bible distinguishes the ceremonial, civil, and moral parts of the Mosaic law. They answer with the words of the Master Himself, presenting a Biblical case for the tripartite distinction of the law and discuss the relationship between justification and the law.

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• “The Threefold Division of the Law” by Jonathan F. Bayes,
• “Biblical Apologetics: Jesus and Logic” by John Robbins, Collection 4: Defending the Faith, Level 1, The Trinity Foundation,,_Jesus_and_Logic.mp3
• “Church History – The Footprints of God” by Tommy Nelson, Denton Bible Church,
• “A Tabular Comparison of the 1646 WCF and the 1689 LBCF,”
• “What Do Presbyterians Believe?” by Gordon H. Clark, Collection 10: Christian Theology, The Trinity Foundation,
• “Consequently, we who overtly advocate new-covenant theology must not repeat the mistake of many in the past and turn any Confession – any Confession, even one of our own ~ into a shibboleth. If any of us should be silly enough to try to capture new covenant theology in some definitive, final statement, so that it becomes, as covenant theology has, set in concrete, then we would be working directly against the very spirit of new-covenant theology. One of its features – to my mind, its leading feature – is that it tries to come to Scripture unfiltered by any system or Confession. Every believer, in a sence, must do this for himself. To turn new-covenant theology into a system would be a contradiction in terms.” (David Gay, Redemption History Through Covenants)


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