SRR Episode 6 | The Sabbath, Logic, and NCT’s Straw Man Army | From Russia, With Love

Tim and Carlos are excited to introduce Owen Paun, a missionary to Bulgaria, to the podcast! In this episode, they discuss Russia’s draconian, anti-evangelism laws; the Sabbath; quotes by New Covenant Theology (NCT) authors John Reisinger and David Gay; logic; NCT’s army of fallacies; confessions; the tripartite distinction of the Mosaic law; and more.

I apologize if I offended anyone when describing the Pharisees as retarded in a previous episode. I was not referring to the mentally handicapped, but to those who willfully deceive themselves and others. –Carlos

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•Gordon H. Clark, “God and Logic,”
•Michael D. Marlowe, “The Westminster Confession of Faith: According to the Text of the First Edition, and with the Original Scripture Proofs. With Notes Showing the Changes Introduced by Church Synods up to the Present Day,”
•”American Revisions to the Westminster Confession of Faith,”
•Collection 10: Christian Theology, “What Do Presbyterians Believe?” by Gordon H. Clark,
•David Gay, Redemption History Through Covenants,
•John Reisinger, Abraham’s Four Seeds,
•Elihu Carranza, The Logic Classroom,
•Jonathan F. Bayes, The Threefold Division of the Law,…of-the-law.pdf
•Augustine, Contra Faustum, VI.2,
•Justin Martyr, “Chapter XLV: Those who were righteous before and under the law shall be saved by Christ,” Dialogue with Trypho,
•John Calvin, “Of Civil Government,” Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book IV, Chapter 20, Section 14,
•Thomas Aquinas, “Of the Precepts of the Old Law,” Summa Theologica, 2a, Question 99, Article 4,


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