Join Tim, Carlos, and Owen as they clear the air regarding recent interactions with the hosts of “Conversations From The Porch,” a New Covenant Theology podcast, and take a look at the claims and straw mans that Pastor Shane Kastler made on their podcast regarding Reformed Baptists, Covenant Theology, and John Calvin and the Reformed view of the Law.

ADDENDUM: I, Carlos, sincerely apologize to Pastor Shane Kastler. I’m primarily responsible for leading the charge against him. My zeal got out of hand and I apologize for that and for saying he sounded postmodern and that he was sloppy. It was very uncharitable of me.

I was confused by his comments on CFTP 16 at around 1:26:00 ( and when he said it doesn’t matter if all the 1644 LBCF authors held to covenant theology, but he reached out to us and said he affirms the importance of authorial intent. He was very gracious and even willing to come on the show. We look forward to clearing the air and discussing our disagreements in brotherly love. So stay tuned!

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References (recommended resources are noted with a ‘+’):
+ Richard C. Barcellos, In Defense of the Decalogue: A Critique of New Covenant Theology,
+ “A Tabular Comparison of the 1646 WCF and the 1689 LBCF,”
+ Gordon H. Clark, What Do Presbyterians Believe?, Collection 10: Christian Theology,


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