Well this is Awkward: I wanted to say, “Join Porchcast hosts Christ and Paul as we discuss the 2nd NCT distinctive: The New Interprets the Old”, but alas we (I should say Chris) had Tech difficulties. However the show must go on, right? So this week we play up until we crash and burn, I discuss SRR and CFTP Episode 18 regarding a particular clip played during the show, and I introduce to you Brother Steve Atkerson and New Testament Reformation Fellowship!



That’s right you too can ROCK a CFTP T-SHIRT! We will be giving away 1 T-Shirt a month. This month “September” you can win by simply creating your best NCT MEME possible and posting it to the New Covenant Memes Facebook page with the following 3 Hashtags: #CFTP #BTWN #MemeContest…

After the first of October we, “The NCT Divines”, will announce our winner. NOTE: Unfortunately we only have one size “XL” so if the shirt fits… Wear it!

New Covenant Memes: https://www.facebook.com/groups/489754571182613/

Episode #20 Resources:

New Testament Reformation Fellowship Website:


NTRF/SteveAtkerson on Sermon Audio:

David H.J. Gay on Sermon Audio

David H.J. Gay on Amazon

David H.J. Gay Archive Website:
All David’s books are now available for FREE in PDF, Mobi, and EPub formats!

What is New Covenant Theology? An Introduction – Blake White

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