Join Tim, Carlos, and Owen for another deep-dive discussion with brother Timothy F. Kauffman about arguments in defense of Tim Keller, hermeneutics, discerning false teachers, and more!

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  1. Matthew 6 years ago

    If Tim Keller says it, that settles it……

    Oi, celebrity pastors…

  2. Toni Brown 6 years ago

    I found your show while doing a search on Timothy Kauffman. My testimony below is nearly identical to your experience and I wholly agree with all that I heard- I would disagree only on one point and that is Keller’s intent. I have done extensive research on Keller following my “Keller experience” and I do not believe he is “misinterpreting” anything…I believe his deception is deliberate; methodically deliberate. He knows exactly what he’s doing and his intent is to both use the church & remake the church. I have done hundreds of hours of research and when I see him standing on a stage teaching his heresy to young, up and coming pastors or church goers, I do not see a 6 ft 4″ bald guy that just wants to “win people to Christ” – I don’t see that at all…. I see a wolf. My testimony below:

    My family decided to support a new church plant being launched by our church and supported by other local churches and we started attending the meetings and eventually the new church once they were in a building. I was troubled from the beginning by much of what I heard in the meetings and eventually the sermons, too. This pastor and his wife read, listened to and very heavily promoted Tim Keller- I decided to look into this guy and 150+ hours later I was horrified. I could not have been prepared for what I found; he cleverly presents himself as a Bible believing Christian but all the while he is slowly, methodically undermining scripture, salvation, the church and the truth. He is by and far the most dangerous man in reformed circles (and beyond). I believe he is determined to infiltrate the true church and change the way we think, so as to advance an unbiblical agenda. After all, what has always been the biggest obstacle to Marxist ideology? Answer: The Bible.
    I grieved and prayed for months; though I was convinced of what I was feeling I could not reconcile why I was the only person that seemed to be troubled? why does this guy have so many professing Christians buying his books? why are so many well respected Christian leaders partnering with him in many ways? why is the other ARP church plant in my small, rural S.C. town also engulfed in Keller? Why were the speakers at my teenager’s youth retreat quoting Keller? This guy is everywhere! Where is the discernment? How will I ever get anyone to see through his clever veil? Is this discernment on my part or just the critical spirit?
    I felt I should not discuss my concerns with anyone, as this could start the much dreaded “church chatter” that I despise so I continued to attend, took notes and prayed. But I was beginning to lose sleep as I prayed and wrestled…I knew there was a deep problem but when everyone else is content with the error you tend to think you might be the problem! But in the end I knew better- the idea of this attack on the truth infuriated me but I still needed to ask someone that I trusted about this “missional” mayhem- as confident as I was, it was as if I still sought some type of “second opinion” or confirmation that I was not unfairly criticizing this new pastor and his great family that just wanted to reach the lost. I was feeling like the bad guy and I had not yet opened my mouth! The grief and insomnia was exhausting and I longed to know what another true, Bible believer thought about:

    “Building a church for non-Christians and the poor”
    “Being a church about what we are for, not what we are against”
    “Presenting the gospel in an attractive way that never offends through contextualization”
    “Jesus, the social revolutionary who is calling us to perform social justice”
    “Developing networking skills to get as many people as possible into the church”
    “Catering every aspect of worship to the unbeliever”
    “Accepting people of any and all lifestyle preferences into the church- no judging and no condemnation”
    “A re-definition of sin that virtually eliminates God’s law”
    “A constant casting of the pursuit of holiness as legalism”
    “A message for one group won’t necessarily “work” with another group”

    After about a year I met with the pastor and his wife to discuss my concerns and to ask that they take Keller to scripture. My legitimate concerns were immediately dismissed and I was given a rundown of Keller’s impressive credentials. We left the church immediately. It was not long after returning to our home church that they began promoting Keller- I was becoming aware of how influential he was in the denomination, as it was difficult to go to any meeting, conference or youth event without hearing “a great quote” from Keller, but I simply could not stay in a church that would promote Keller in any way- God’s people MUST be warned about men like him! The most successful false teachers always clothe their damning error in truth…that is the essence of Jude’s choice of the word “unawares”. And it is the core of Paul’s warning to us that the devil is far more clever than we will ever know.

    I had the privilege of meeting Dr. ES Williams, who has been sounding a stern warning on Keller in England, and like him I believe Keller epitomizes the Jude 1:4 warning to believers.

    “For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.´

    After much prayer and bible study I have decided to post my research findings on a site (working on it now), a place I can quickly point people to in my effort to get the word out to the biblically ignorant people lining the pews of the professing church! Forgive me here, but that is what I found as I attempted to talk to “Christians” about this error….biblical ignorance. I will forward you guys a link when I get it set up.


    Mrs. Toni Brown
    Rock Hill, SC

    • Timothy F. Kauffman 6 years ago

      Thank you, Toni! I’m so glad to hear of your testimony. Thanks for your note.

      You are most certainly not alone. Countless brethren have had the same experience as you have—the guys on this podcast certainly have! I remember when I first raised my concerns about Keller to my church leaders years ago, an elder at my church cautioned me against attacking a man who is so respected. It is very common for the legitimate warnings of the sheep to be dismissed by the shepherds.

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