An unfortunate and unforeseen consequence of being vague is that it tends to create more questions than it actually answers. This is certainly the case with Niketa’s post regarding her dismissal from the Bible Thumping Wingnut Network. Coleen, the former co-host of Ladies Love Theology has fielded nearly 70 Facebook private messages, questions on comment threads and voicemail messages from members of the group who she had personal interaction with. She directed those people to Niketa’s article but unfortunately the questions they had were not answered due to the vague nature of Niketa’s letter.

Given the magnitude and the impact of the now defunct ministry of Ladies Love Theology and the partnership it enjoyed with the Bible Thumping Wingnut Network, I feel it is our responsibility to provide clarity and answer some of the most common questions regarding this situation. Below are some screen shots of questions that are representative of the most common questions being sent in and our answer will be posted directly beneath it:

Niketa’s dismissal was because of sin she attempted to hide from the group, particularly Tim and I, as well as her partner Coleen. Although there is apparent repentance for the particular sin she was hiding from the aforementioned, her pattern of deception remains and she has not yet repented and apologized to those she lied to. Rather she chose to strip Coleen of her administrative role and remove her from the LLT Facebook group, and unfriend her. She also has blocked and unfriended myself, Tim and others who have called her to repentance. When one is repentant of lying to their brother or sister in Christ, one would expect a humble apology followed by immediate forgiveness. We pray and are hopeful that in time Niketa will apologize to those of us she has sinned against. As soon as she apologizes immediate and unconditional forgiveness can be expected.

Having been confronted by her pastor about her sin, Niketa immediately stripped all admin privileges from Coleen and removed her from the groups on all platforms. We can only speculate as to why. At that point Niketa had full control over all social media platforms. The current state of these platforms have been determined by Niketa only. Niketa was urged to turn the group over to Coleen, rather her pastor advised her to shut down the group completely (a decision Tim and I disagreed with) It was later decided by her pastor that his wife would take over as sole admin of LLT and deactivated the group. To quote her pastor:

Why Coleen could not have been reinstated as the admin and kept the group active is a question which remains unanswered. Furthermore, the YouTube channel remains active in spite of the pastor’s above promise to close it.

Coleen played absolutely no role in the unfortunate and sudden end of Ladies Love Theology. Coleen simply tried unsuccessfully to exhort Niketa to repentance when she became aware of the sin in her life. Coleen was willing to continue as an admin of the LLT Facebook Group but this was not made an option by Niketa or her pastor.

(above quote contains an obvious typo as “She did” should read “She didn’t”)

While Niketa certainly didn’t use biblical language in admitting her sin and at points even appeared to justify and downplay it, the nature of Niketa’s sin is utterly irrelevant in this situation. ALL sin is heinous, it is an offense to God and be sure He hates it! Some of you are fishing for details, and I ask you to stop. God hates the sin of gossip arguably more than the sins of which she is guilty. Let us all bask in the glory of the cross where He forgave us of our sin and be reminded that we all carry the nails which held Jesus to the cross in our pockets. Please, stop emailing and PMing questions of this nature, with all due respect it is none of your business. She is under the care and discipleship of her pastor, your only job now is to pray for them both.

My sole motivation in writing this post is to bring clarity to the situation with the hopes that emails and messages to Coleen will subside. If you have questions in the future, please forward them to Both Tim and I worked directly with Niketa’s pastor on these issues and we will be happy to answer questions that are not designed to stir division, dissension or gossip.

Coleen has started a new Facebook group. If you would like to enjoy the fellowship and edification you are now missing you can click here.

Regarding Coleen, please pray for her as well as Niketa and her pastor. Not only has she been overwhelmed with questions, but Tim and I are also currently working together with her to determine whether she desires to continue podcasting and creating a structure for a new show should she decide she wants to continue. We all see a need to provide you biblical, high quality content that is designed specifically for your communication style and individual needs, but podcasting requires a major time commitment. Pray for her and her family as they work through this decision.

Niketa, please know that we love you, we are praying for you, and we are here for you as your friends and as your brothers and sisters in Christ. We recognize that it is quite painful for this situation to be public, but we also know that God is good, and it is His goodness that leads to repentance.

In Christ,



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