This week we dig into Chapter 1 of “The Attributes of God” by A.W. Pink, “The Solitariness of God.” The focus in view in this chapter is that God is in need of nothing, that all he has done; though ultimately is for His glory, neither adds to or diminishes His glory. The chapter is broken up into the following sub-headings:

~Before all else
~His Sovereign Will
~By Revelation

We also introduce a new podcast partner to the BTWN network, “Shine as Lights” hosted by Adam & AJ. Adam is pastor of Alethia Church in Pennsylvania and AJ has been serving in his church almost from the beginning. We learn about how they met, how the church started and why they decided to start a podcast. We discuss their favorite podcasts, their theological stance on issues such as eschatology & the covenants. Their first podcast will be posting to the iTunes feed very soon so stay tuned, you won’t wanna miss it! These brothers are putting out great content and have amazing chemistry together.

Video of part 1:
Video of part 2:

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