Join Tim and Joseph as they discuss whether or not Christians should partner with Roman Catholics. Is this a compromise of spiritual warfare in for a cultural warfare and if so then is it a sin. Both Tim and Joseph weigh in on an event that took place in July of 2016 called “Together 2016″ which was an ecumenical effort to bring Catholics and Evangelicals together under one banner in order to effect cultural change. Included in the list of prominent speakers was Ravi Zacharias and Francis Chan along with Pope Francis.

This episode also includes a lecture by John Robbins titled “Bleating Wolves, Evangelicals and Catholics Together” series under Collection 3: The Gospel and Its Critics. Enjoy!

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  1. Robin Wexell 6 years ago

    Hi Tim!
    I’ve been wanting to listen to this episode #26, but it is a different podcast. I believe it is a podcast of the guys from Shine As Lights. Thought you might want to know about it and maybe have it corrected.
    Love your podcast!

    • Tim Hurd 6 years ago

      Great catch. The problem has been corrected. Thank for letting us know about our error. God bless.

    • Adam Staub 6 years ago

      Robin, you’re ruining our plan of taking over the network, one episode at a time…. how else are we supposed to get more listeners?!?
      Just kidding! Good catch!

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