This is a long but important conversation, time stamps for the conversation are below:

0:00 – 5:15 Show intro, G3 preparations, 4th quarter players
5:16 – 9:05 What is Pirate Christian Radio
9:06 – 10:24 How to handle large doses of heresy and foolishness
10:24 – 12:17 The necessity of discernment and polemics ministries
12:18 – 14:09 Doesn’t God want us to have a positive self image?
14:10 – 16:00 Their teaching spreads like cancer
16:01 – 21:39 Preachers who preach themselves
21:40 – 25:17 Going to Church to be entertained
25:18 – 29:35 Daily bible reading and rebuking false teachers
29:36 – 34:30 Should discernment be more loving?
34:31- 38:59 Behind the scenes of Pirate Christian Radio
38:40 – 41:28 Heretics & false teachers react to Pirate Christian Radio
41:29 – 44:38 The Elephant Room, warning James MacDonald
44:39 – 50:40 Is the Trinity a Salvation Issue?
50:41 – 55:25 Baptist vs. Lutheran Distinctives
55:26 – 58:10 Confessional vs. ELCA Lutheranism
58:11- 1:00:49 The battle for the heart and soul of the ELCA
1:00:50 – 1:02:28 BTWN Network Info
1:02:29 – 1:18:34 Good Tweet Bad Tweet “Famous Pastrix Edition”
1:18:35 – 1:20:13 The NAR: the threat & the history & background
1:20:14 – 1:25:29 the “Seven Mountain Mandate” & Theonomic similarities
1:25:30 – 1:31:51 Why is the NAR a greater threat than any other heresy?
1:31:52 – 1:36:18 NAR strategy and methodology for take over
1:36:19 – 1:38:02 NAR teachers to be aware of
1:38:03 – 1:42:49 NAR’s connection to Jesus Culture and Youth Groups
1:42:50 – 1:45:03 The NAR is a global threat
1:45:03 – 1:52:22 NAR Red flags and advice for Pastors
1:52:23 – 1:55:27 NAR Red flags and advice for Parents
1:55:28 – 1:59:28 Recommended resources on the NAR
1:59:29 – 2:02:06 – Closing

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  1. Ambar Sanchez Marcelo 5 years ago

    Great episode. I’ve heard of Mr. Rosebrough before, but never his program. I admire his love for the truth and zeal for the Lord. Praise God for him.

  2. Adam Moritz 5 years ago

    This was really good. Thanks for putting this info out there. I listen to Fighting for the Faith often, but there was info on the NAR that I’d never heard, not even on that program. The fact that people are actively infiltrating churches with plans on how to bring it under the dominion of the NAR (and how they go about doing it) was all news to me. Scary stuff. We need to be so discerning when it comes to who we allow to teach and what content they are teaching. It’s sad that we can’t simply trust those in the church, but there are wolves among these sheep, and not all the wolves are in the leadership positions.

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