SAL#25 Church Isn’t For Me | Dealing With One Another

`This discussion centers around the “one-another’s” of Scripture and what true fellowship among Christians should look like. We tackle the false belief that church is for you and attempt to show what it looks like to be primarily God and others focused as we all gather as the Church.

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  1. Dave Tobin 4 years ago

    great podcast. very convicting yet motivational

    • Author
      Adam Staub 4 years ago

      Thanks Dave! Glad you enjoyed it and we appreciate you listening!

  2. Rick 4 years ago

    First time listener and I really enjoyed the topic.

    I am a “one another!”

    Looking forward to more of these great podcasts.

    Thank you brothers.

    • Adam Staub 4 years ago

      Thanks for the encouragement brother! Glad it was beneficial for you, praise God!

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