Bible Thumping Wingnut is at the 2017 G3 Conference, and we had the privilege of interviewing Todd Friel for the second time. This hilarious, fast paced interview covers many topics which are time stamped below:

0:00 – 3:03 Intro
3:04 – 5:02 the 3 fold purpose of Wretched Radio
5:03 – 5:33 Why Todd is at G3
5:34 – 8:48 The importance and heritage of Reformation History
8:49 – 15:23 The impossibility of ecumenicalism
15:24 – 17:53 Evangelizing Roman Catholics
17:54 – 19:19 How long can a Christian stay in the Roman Catholic Church
19:20 – 20:26 Reprieve from persecution
20:27 – 23:36 Todd’s session topics
23:37 – 26:06 Future Wretched Projects
26:07 – 30:35 The NAR Threat, end of show

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  1. Roadguy 5 years ago

    We watch the Wretched videos on Youtube. Todd is an interesting guy that loves Jesus.

    The interview was good and I am glad you guys got to fo it. A lot of times those brothers seem unreachable by the likes of us folks.

    • Len Pettis 5 years ago

      We’ve had Todd on before, he’s very accessible, he was by far the speaker most generous with his time at the whole conference.

  2. Len Pettis 5 years ago

    Todd is a great guy, and this interview was a LOT of fun. But what did YOU think??? What struck you most about what Todd discussed? Leave comments below.

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