Interview with Scott Klusendorf and Jay Watts of the “Life Training Institute” at #G3Conference.

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0:00 – 2:02 Intro
2:03 – 4:25 Life training Institute, Scott Klusendorf
4:26 – 6:38 – Former Atheist Jay Watts
6:39 – 12:06 Proving the pro-life argument
12:07 – 16:27 The inconsistency of atheism on the abortion issue
16:28 – 19:44 A call to action on abortion
19:45 – 24:41 Immediatism vs incrementalism
24:42 – 27:39 Should we call abortion murder?
27:40 – 30:20 Binary thinking and false dichotomies
30:21 – 35:19 Resources, ending

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  1. Ambar Sanchez Marcelo 6 years ago

    Never thought of taking a different approach to the subject of abortion. I really like how one of the men basically said that when we present a logical, sound case for life, the other side is left with no alternative but to deal with the issue – not attaching the our argument to religion or something else, but strictly to the case laid out before them. Very informative.

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