This is such an important episode for you to check out! We chat with Andrew Rappaport from Striving For Eternity Ministries about the importance of Biblical Hermanuetics and Expository Preaching. Our goal was for this to be a great resource for both the beginner who’s just learning how to properly read their Bible all the way to the seasoned Christian who is looking to be sharpened and edified by some other examples and principles.
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  1. Rick Owens 6 years ago

    This was a great podcast. I drive everyday for several hours (I’m a road rep,) and I have started listening to all of the BTWN contributors.

    It is absolutely great to know the Bible in context, and if we truly apply what the Spirit of the Lord teaches, we do well.

    I hear many that call themselves Calvinists ( didn’t he have a guy murdered? No one ever talks about that…) I am not a Calvinist myself, I am a follower of Jesus.

    Loved the show. Love you guys.

    • Adam Staub 6 years ago

      Thanks Rick!!
      Appreciate the encouragement
      I, personally, do not identify as a “Calvinist” (its just not ever something I’ve clung onto or even cared about) but am strictly monergistic and affirm what is typically spelled out as “the doctrines of grace”. Of the soteriological systems, I find them to be the most consistent with scripture and right in line with what both Jesus and Paul taught about salvation. As far as the Calvin/Servetus issue, maybe this article will help shed some light for you.

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