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This week we continue our study on “The Attributes of God” by A.W. Pink.  Chapter 3 is “The Knowledge of God.” Followed by an interview Len did with the folks from the Rapha House at the G3 Conference.

The second half of this podcast was recorded at the 2017 G3 conference.  Len interviewed two vendors in the exhibitor’s hall from a ministry called Rapha House. Rapha House is a ministry that seeks to save children from sexual slavery. They have a documentary on Netflix called “Finding Home” and you can visit their website at https://raphahouse.org

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  1. Ambar Sanchez Marcelo 5 years ago

    This book is so God-exalting. I am so glad you guys are back with it. Thank you for incorporating the interview with Rapha House. I missed them at the G3, so it’s good that I got to hear about their ministry on here. I have a friend who works at a local foster home organization here in Miami and recently came across victims of sexual trafficking. I am going to encourage her to look into Rapha House.

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