LBM Podcast 0061 | The Naturalistic Fallacy and an attack on Presuppositional Apologetics

In this episode Jason addresses a recent seemingly popular attempt by Atheists and Agnostics to accuse Christians of the Naturalistic Fallacy. The argument is that the Christian claim to God as the grounding for objective morality (normative, prescriptive statements) is committing the Naturalistic Fallacy (is–ought problem). The Christian World View has a solution to this problem while no Naturalist World View does. After this Jason and Vincent the Fake Greg Bahnsen critique an article posted by Richard Bushey entitled “How Presuppositionalists Suppress The Truth In False Piety”. Vincent the fake Greg Bahnsen has a written response to Richard’s article linked here ( Several listeners join in toward the end of the show and there ensues an interesting discussion on utilizing the Bible as our presupposition for reality.

Richard Bushey’s Article “How Presuppositionalists Suppress The Truth In False Piety”

How Presuppositionalists Suppress The Truth In False Piety

God as the most perfect being is necessarily both descriptive and normative. God ‘is’ what He ‘ought’ to be.

Christian defeater for Naturalistic Fallacy
God is the definition of Good (Psalm 136:1) – Descriptive Premise
God commands us to be like Him (Matt 5:48) – Normative Premise
Therefore we ought to be Good – Normative (Prescriptive) Conclusion

Video Podcast:

  1. Tim Hurd 3 years ago

    Great episode.

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