Podcasts have benefitted me greatly in my Christian walk, but not all of those podcasts have been Christian. There are 3 secular podcasts I listen to regularly that have influenced my understanding of history, leadership and discipline. They have also influenced the way I podcast as well. Below are 3 secular podcasts I recommend.

The Martyrmade Podcast

How much do you understand the conflict between Israel and Palestine? The Martyrmade podcast hooked me in the first 10 minutes of the Episode 1. Starting in 1880’s Russia and working through the post Holocaust age era of Israel. Below is the podcast description Episode 6:
“Modern Zionism began in the late 19th century with idealistic calls for spiritual renewal; by 1939, it had transformed into a desperate play for bare survival. Young revolutionaries co combat with Zionist elder statesmen for the soul of the movement. Hitlers German Reich and Stalin’s Soviet Union do battle for Europe while everything between them is ground into mud. Victims become victimizers, and the wider world gets an introduction to the dispute that has been confounding the British Empire for 20 years. Our episode begins with desperate Jews in Nazi Europe, it ends with the realization of the Zionist dream. For the first time in 2000 years, a sovereign state of Israel.”

What I learned from this secular podcast

My perceptions of the conflict between Jews and Arabs; specifically Zionists and Palestinians was fundamentally flawed. The first episode drew me in with an emotional story about a persecuted family in a Russian village. The remainder of this episode (as well as the second and part of the third episodes) really rubbed me the wrong way.

Without the context of the episodes to follow, this podcast was starting to feel like pro-Palestine propaganda. Context is everything. Upon listening further I couldn’t have been further from the truth. In episode 1 host Darryl Cooper accurately states that both sides are likely to send him hate mail.

Just as with scripture and the Old Testament particularly, to best understand the text we must understand the greater historical context when the events were taking place. This is what Martyrmade does incredibly well. We learn about all of the factors involved in the rise of the Zionist movement. Critical factors such as the British Empire’s influence, the cultural differences, illiteracy rates, and many other factors are all laid out for us to examine.

Each episode is quite long.

As a podcaster myself I know how important podcast length is to attract and hold an audience. If you provide quality content that is interesting and informative length becomes less of a factor. Episode 6 is over 5 hours long. It goes fast because of all the great information being shared and the style in which it is shared.

If you wish to better understand the conflict between Israel and Palestine, this podcast is well worth your time. As a side note, the host stated that he may do a new podcast series on the Holocaust and it’s role on the Zionist movement. I hope he follows through, This is the only piece of the puzzle missing in Martyrmade. He abbreviated this section greatly for the sake of time. His research gave him so much material that he confidently states there is more than enough material for it to be its own podcast.

Jocko Podcast

Of all podcasts I listen to whether secular or Christian, Jocko is probably my favorite. Jocko Willink is a former Navy SEAL Commander, leading SEAL Team 3 in operations in Ramadi after 9/11. He is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, author of the book “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALS Lead and Win” and the upcoming book “Way of the Warrior Kid.” He is co-owner of corporate consultation company “Eschelon Front” with his SEAL buddy Leif Babin.

Jocko believes and teaches that leadership is leadership, and military leadership tactics such as “Cover and Move”, “Flanking”, “Indirect Leadership”, and “Extreme Ownership” are principles that apply far beyond the battlefield, rather into everyday life. He often reads excerpts from books by military leaders and experts and shares examples of how the battlefield experience is often has real life application every day.

What I learned from this secular podcast

Before you dismiss him as a motivational speaker or guru in the style of Tony Robbins, give Jocko a listen. This is not some pie in the sky “Name it and Claim it” self esteem boosting nonsense. What Jocko teaches is practical and dare I say, biblical. If you’re in corporate or church leadership, if you’re a father, a homeschool mom, you can benefit from this podcast as a supplement to the leadership principles taught in scripture.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History


I’m a history buff. I’ve listened to quite a few podcasts that have a historical focus and this one is the best. It’s has everything that makes a historical podcast great.  Dan Carlin has a way of setting up the scene contextually so that you have a full understanding of the all factors that make the events he covers so significant.



What I learned from this secular podcast

Have you ever wondered what geopolitical events leading up to World War I still effect us to this day? His 5 part series “Blueprint for Armageddon” will answer that question. Another series called “Prophets of Doom” taught me that I was completely wrong about the Anabaptists. To learn Anabaptist history from a  secular point of view can be extremely helpful. Dan Carlin has no dog in the fight theologically or ideologically. His telling of the Anabaptist revolt in Germany is absolutely gripping.

It helped me understand why the Baptist confessions of the early 1600’s are written the way they are. Whether you are a history buff or not, this podcast is so entertaining you may not even realize you are learning while you listen.


While there is much we can learn from Christian podcasts, secular podcasts can benefit us also. There is so much I’ve been taught about theology, doctrine, apologetics and hermeneutics from great Christian podcasts. Secular podcasts can be a great supplement to our theological studies, and the three above are a great start.

Finally, the above secular podcasts do have their issues. They are mostly clean also. There are intermittent swear words but they never cross the line into being profane. As a final word of warning, since these secular podcasts deal with historical and military accounts you should expect a level of violence to be depicted, but never glorified. They simply deal with the reality of the situation.



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