I don’t know if you have heard about this but,  this guy wrote a book called “The Shack”.

It is kind of a big deal and somebody thought it would make a cool movie. I hear they made one.

Some radical christians claim it is full of heresy. That means it is super bad if ya wanna believe basic christian stuff.

This guy thinks he knows.

Well, apparently saying everybody goes to heaven is kind of poo poo  among christian folk. They call it universalism and claim Paul Young holds to universalism.

As for me, I would rather hear it from Paul Young himself.  Does Paul Young really hold to universalism?

Instead of jumping to any conclusion lets hear straight from Paul himself.

This audio clip is from the “Are You Real” Podcast episode 40.  You be the judge.

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  1. Joel Settecase 5 years ago

    Well, does he?

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