BTWN Ep 240 | Addressing the Irenic Pelagian

What is a Pelagian?

A Pelagian follows the tenets of 4th century heretic Pelagius. He taught that human beings have a natural capacity to reject evil and seek God, that Christ’s admonition, “Be ye perfect,” presupposes this capacity, and that grace is the natural ability given by God to seek and to serve God. Pelagius believed that man had not been entirely corrupted by Adam’s fall. That he could, by his own free will, do works that pleased God, and thus be saved.

To read the articles discussed in this podcast, click here and here.

Who is The Irenic Pelagian?

John Johnson is a YouTube creator whose user name describes his theology (even if it is contradictory). To be “Irenic” is to desire unity between Christian denominations. Pelagianism is heresy and cannot be considered Christian as established in the paragraph above and in the podcast. To view the video reviewed in this podcast click here.

Perhaps John is the most honest non-Calvinist we have ever encountered. He does not sugar coat or attempt to hide his theology. He openly admits he is a Pelagian and owns it.

We hope that John will respond to and accept our invitation to dialogue.

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