This week we tackle a meme and an article about divorce that we felt needed addressed. There’s also a little section in the middle that gives you some ideas of how to be a witness to your neighbors during a snow storm!
If you stick around all the way to the end, you’ll get to here a recent sermon that Adam preached at Aletheia Church which deals with a Biblical perspective on marriage and divorce.

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  1. Coleen Sharp 5 years ago

    This is Coleen Sharp from Theology Gals. I appreciated many things you guys have said. I’ve heard so many excuses for divorce. And attempts to justify divorce. It’s definitely a problem.
    I’m grateful to be celebrating my 22nd anniversary this summer to the most kind, gracious man I know. I’m very blessed.

    I get a lot of messages from women and have strong views on marital faithfulness and divorce. I’ve seen the Lord’s amazing work. I have a friend whose husband was unfaithful 15 years ago. For four hours as she told me of her husband’s infidelity, all we did was cry and pray. He was a pastor who of course stepped down from ministry. God has been so gracious. Today they have a wonderful marriage. And the Lord has now used them to help other couples going through the same.
    We have a couple we counseled for several years. They left one another several times. But they remained committed to the vows they made, and by God’s grace are doing well today.

    I did have one concern, and it may have been unintentional. The story about the woman being abused, staying and her husband becoming a Christian. While that’s a wonderful story, if I was being physically abused and heard your podcast, I would think I had to stay and suffer for Christ’s sake. I don’t think that’s wise. I recently had a woman join our group and come to me as her husband had beaten her in front of her child, quite severely. My first question was, “Are you safe right now?” Next I said, “Let’s call your pastor.” You see, I knew a woman who was being abused, Reformed Christians, and she’s now with the Lord, at her husband’s hands.

    Like I said, I don’t think that’s what you guys intended. Sadly, a handful of women who are being physically abused have reached out to me. So when I heard that part I immediately thought of what those ladies would have thought if they were listening.

    Also, for the record, I always get their Pastors involved immediately. I’m careful with my advice and feel strongly about the local church. A lot of women with marriage problems reach out to me. When physical abuse is involved, I would never tell a woman to stay. I don’t advise women to divorce, ever. Even if there were Biblical justification, that’s something which should be discussed with her church. And while I do believe there are rare justifications, I feel quite strongly about marriage. But I did have that concern.

    • Adam Staub 5 years ago

      Hey Coleen! Thanks for reaching out! First off, congrats on the 22yrs, that’s awesome stuff 🙂 Secondly, I really appreciate the love and care you have in counseling and helping other women! Y’all are great! Glossing over the point that someone should notify their pastor and get help in an abusivie situation was absolutely not intentional or our point. In the flow of conversation, we probably didn’t spend as much time on that point as we could. I do know that we talked about separating and getting help but you are right, we could have slowed down a little and made sure to give specific instructions for someone in a situation like that to go and seek help from their pastor/authorities. Thanks for looking out! Appreciate the admonishment and chance to be sharpened.

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