This week we launch a new format for Conversations From The Porch!  Bro RC Dozier and Bro Paul A. Kaiser bring you “Ramblings From The Porch!”

Unscripted, unedited, and unchained. We just gonna chop it up and discuss whatever comes to mind be it philosophy, apologetics, Facebook, you name it we’re gonna cover it, from a New Covenant Theology perspective no doubt!

Join us in our first episode as we graciously respond to an objection to one of our latest CFTP Episodes: The Lord’s Supper as a Full Meal.  Bro Andrew Rappaport from SFE Ministries graciously takes us to task regarding “Real” Wine and asks the question ‘What about the unleavened bread?” in his first episode of The Rap (Rapture) Report.

Hope you enjoy!


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