This week Bro Paul and Bro Ryan discuss the topic of “Honest Theological Debate” and briefly discuss a recent discussion on a blog post between Jason Mullet of Logical Belief Ministries, TheIdolBabbler, and Bro RC.

Previously on the Theology Gals Podcast a guest speaker spoke of 5 points of debate that Christians would do well to apply.  How do we as Christians ‘fight fair” understanding that we are brothers and sisters in Christ?  So often public and even private theological debate lead to nowhere but hostility, mocking, and mudslinging without either party being heard or understood.  We are all guilty of this and it should not be among the Christian community.

Seeing these, what we call, 5 Rules of Honest Theological Debate” were so very applicable and practical we decided to chop it up a bit about them!

Hope you enjoy!


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