Informal Logic

Guest host Andy Olson from the Echo Zoe Podcast joins BTWN for a discussion on informal logic. Informal logic is a broad term for any of the various methods of analyzing and evaluating arguments used in everyday life. Informal logic is commonly regarded as an alternative to formal or mathematical logic. Also known as non-formal logic or critical thinking. Andy’s teaching today focuses specifically on logical fallacies.

Andy taught informal logic in his church. He believes the church as a whole can benefit greatly from a study in logic. Having a basic understanding of informal logic will help you to be a better evangelist. It will also help you in your apologetic defense of the faith.

Echo Zoe

After our study in logic Andy tells us about his experience hosting the Echo Zoe podcast. Echo Zoe has been around for 8 years. He posts a new episode once per month. Also Andy always has interesting guests who are experts in the topic being discussed. Echo Zoe is a podcast that Andy desires to not just edify the church, but also serve as a teaching tool for his children in the future.

Cancer Update

On Friday, March 24th Tim took his wife to a specialist for a PET scan. A positron emission tomography (PETscan is an imaging test that allows your doctor to check for diseases in your body. The scan uses a special dye that has radioactive tracers. These tracers are injected into a vein in your arm. Your organs and tissues then absorb the tracer. This scan will determine just how far Susan’s cancer has spread.

Andy has experience with a cancer diagnosis in his family. He wants to share his story with you as an encouragement to Tim and anyone else listening who may be going through similar circumstances. Andy shares that his understanding of God’s sovereignty as well as the prayers of complete strangers were vital in helping him get through his situation.

Please continue praying for Tim and Susan as they go through this difficult time together.


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