CFTP | Episode #49 | NCT Distinctive #7 | Who Is All Israel, Romans 11

Join the NCT Divines as we bring the roof of  the Porch down in our final episode of our series on the 7th NCT Distinctive: The Church is Eschatological Israel.

Pastor Joseph Jaco again takes the drivers seat as we examine Paul’s final argument in Romans Chapter 11 and we answer the burning question:Who is ALL Israel? Wanna find out where the PorchCast is divided? Well grab your favorite beverage and pull up a rocker as the roof of the Porch collapses!

This is the one Andrew Raptureport has been waiting for and if he makes it to the end the NCT Divines have a special challenge for him!

Don’t miss this week’s episode as we again “Disciple the Dispensationalist”




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