Happy Anniversary

Before we discuss our topic, defending hell, did you know it’s been 3 years since the start of the Bible Thumping Wingnut podcast started? Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey!

We have an update on the condition of Tim’s wife Susan, thank you for your continued prayers.

Defending Hell

It’s been a very busy week so I didn’t have time to record fresh content for the podcast this week. Thankfully Andy Olson gave us permission to use the audio from his interview with me on his podcast Echo Zoe. This podcast was recorded back in November, just a couple of months after my debate with Chris Date of the Rethinking Hell podcast. We discuss why Conditional Immortality cannot be considered a biblical view and the trickle down effects it has on other key biblical doctrines.

To learn more about the Echo Zoe Podcast go to www.echozoe.com.

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