In this episode Larry Wessel’s from Christian Answers TV joins us to discuss the Seventh Day Adventist groups. Larry discusses the history and current beliefs of the movement. Larry and Jason examine the teachings of the Seventh Day Adventists to see if they teach the true Biblical Gospel or do they teach another gospel which is no gospel at all.


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  1. James Adkins 4 years ago

    I am not SDA. Perhaps because of the informal context of this program, I found very little actual reasoning to agree with your assertion that the SDA church is, in fact, a cult. I am very disappointed that I spent the time to watch the entire video. I respect a lot of Mr. Wessels research but in this video he seems to rely more on a general mocking dismissal of the church in his attitude than actual doctrinal proof. His main critique of the church is Ellen White herself. Part of his condemnation of her is that she didn’t always follow her own dietary recommendations. I fail to see how that equates the church to a cult. I do have my own reservations about her. Most cults do seem to have one “prophet” so to speak that defines them. I have read some of her work from many of her writings and find them to be doctrinally correct for the most part. With over 33,000 Christian denominations out there today, one would have to conclude that each have their own error in doctrine by definition. In fact, one could make a very compelling case that many mainstream Christian doctrines stand in error. I have looked at most all of the controversial doctrinal positions held by the SDA and find that they are not simply repeating Ellen White writings, but rather do have scriptural support. I would not suggest anyone use this video solely to form an opinion of the SDA church.

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