BTWN Ep 246 | Evangelism and Foster Parenting with Andy Lawniczak


Andy Lawniczak of Gospel Tract Planet guest co-hosts this week for a conversation about evangelism. We discuss methods, theology and the roll of the church in evangelism. We finish our conversation discussing Foster Parenting.

What is Gospel Tract Planet?

From their website: Our mission here at Gospel Tract Planet is simple: To provide Christians with the tools they need to share their faith and the message of the Bible effectively. We have a wide selection of in-stock Gospel tracts for you to choose from. We can also design custom Gospel tracts for you. Our themes range from kid friendly, to the ever popular million dollar bill tract and even folded tracts. We also offer a whole range of other printing services in the form of business cards, post cards, and flyers.

What is a Gospel Tract?

From their website: The word “tract” is defined as a piece of writing that expresses a strong belief, usually involving religion or politics. A “Gospel tract” is therefore a piece of writing that expresses the words of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some sources date the use of Gospel tracts as far back as the 13th century. The distribution of tracts actually predates the development of the printing press. As a political tool, tracts were seen throughout Europe during the 17th Century. Tracts began being distributed as religious material from the time Gutenberg invented the printing press.

Foster Parenting

Andy and his wife have been foster parenting for 7 years. They have had over 60 foster children in their care in that time and 24 of them were within just the first 12 months. Andy shares his experience foster parenting for this long, as well as the children he has adopted out of the foster care system.

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