Join the West Coast Divines as we interview Pastor Doug Goodin and discuss his ministry, the NCT School of Theology, his upcoming books, and his view of Romans 11!

Cross to Crown Ministries (CTC) was founded by Pastor Doug Goodin, CTC produces a variety of biblical resources including books, articles, music, videos and audio messages. There are tons of free resources for the church at Many Christians benefit from taking seminary-level classes at the New Covenant School of Theology  and NCST provides high-quality education for prospective pastors, church leaders, and Christians who want to dig deeper into their faith.

CTC also hosts conferences that aim to help Christians build community and become more intentionally Christ-obsessed in every area of their lives. For more information about Cross to Crown Ministries, please email

And if that wasn’t enough, Pastor Doug and his wife Krista also have hosted a blog together, God’s Design for Marriage, which has now become a pre-marital counseling book, and is now a ministry devoted to strengthening Christian marriages.

Because God made marriage to be a picture of the relationship between Christ and the Church, Christian marriages should be strong and satisfying. Sadly, too often this is not the case. God’s Design for Marriage provides simple steps couples can take to steadily improve their marriages as a team and helpful insights to restore hope for their relationship. Many couples from Front Range Alliance Church have seen marked improvement in their marriages through the application of these principles.

For more information about God’s Design for Marriage, check out their website or contact Todd Faris.


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