Effective today I will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from Bible Thumping Wingnut, both the podcast and all network activities. I have taken counsel from wise and Godly men with whom I have revealed my current life circumstances, and all agree that I need to step down and take whatever time necessary to get my life into the proper balance that allows me to be a good steward over those things with which God has entrusted me.

If you follow me on social media, you know that this week I started a new job which demands significantly more hours than my previous position. Also, my family is moving from our home which we have lived in for 17 years. This transition is very difficult on my family emotionally, but also requires a great deal of work. Finally, ministry to my family and personal prayer and devotional time have suffered from the lack of balance in my life.

Something has to give. Unfortunately it is my role with BTWN. God has been faithful to grow BTWN to what it is now, and I trust that God will continue to use BTWN for his glory with or without my contribution.

I am incredibly and grateful and humbled by what God has done thru this ministry. I am also grateful and humbled by all of the people who have prayed for me over the last 3 years, who I have met at conferences, and who have stood by us through the many growing pains we have experienced.

A special thank you goes out to the network contributors, particularly Semper Reformanda Radio, Conversations from the Porch, and Matt Slick. When we approached you to join BTWN, we had nothing to offer except a bad reputation. I am truly humbled that you forsook the naysayers and used your own brain to decide to join what the Lord is doing through BTWN. Your contribution to the Network is integral in helping achieve the goal that Tim and I have had from the day we started: to help people love Jesus more.

For myself, listening to SRR, CFTP, Slick Answers, Logical Belief, Shine as Lights, Theology Gals, COG+, W&GR, Andrew Rappaport and Frank Mullis, all of you have certainly contributed to helping me gain a deeper understanding of doctrine, grow in grace and have a deeper love for Jesus. Thank you seems insufficient to express my gratitude for you friendship and partnership.

Please continue to pray for myself, Tim, and all BTWN contributors. I will return to BTWN but when I do it will be in HIS time, not in my flesh.  I love each and every one of you!

In Christ



Listen to BTWN Episode 248 to hear Tim’s commentary concerning this blog post.

  1. Al Yerks 5 years ago

    Praying for you all!
    God bless you Len, you are a fine brother!

  2. Andy Lawniczak 5 years ago

    Ack! So sad 🙁 Hope all goes well for you, brother!

  3. Jonathan Bradford 5 years ago

    Len, it’s awesome to see you pursuing the love and holiness of God. You will be missed while you are away from the podcast, but there is joy in your desire to place God first. May He bless you richly during this time.

  4. Daniel R. Hamilton 5 years ago

    Thanks Len, remember you can be fire for proclaiming the gospel at your new job or expelled like I was :-/ “You can be Christian or you can be successful but you can’t be both” 1 Corinthians 9:17-18.

  5. Christine LaValley 5 years ago

    God bless you and your family as you move forward. I, also, have had to step back as there has been more need for me to do life with the church God has joined me to.

  6. Joshua Gwin 5 years ago

    Thanks for this Len. Love you bro. Thanks for giving us more opportunities to preach, adn teach God’s word brother. I will be praying for you man!

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