I want to alert readers to an outstanding new apologetic resource. A documentary just recently released on DVD and digital streaming titled, Is Genesis History?  The documentary focuses on making a clear case for the historical foundation of the book of Genesis, especially chapters 1-11.

Hosted by Del Tackett, formally with Focus on the Family ministries,  the film explores a wide range of topics relevant to the debate between Darwinian evolution and biblical creation. Tackett interviews experts in biblical languages, ancient Near Eastern archaeology and history, various paleontologists, geologists, and biologists who all provide excellent material defending the historical record of Genesis.

I was actually pleased to see a number of acquaintances lending their expertise. For instance, Dr. Stephen Boyd, Hebrew professor at the Master’s University, and a fellow TMS alumnus, Dr. Doug Petrovich, who teaches ancient Egyptian history at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada. (BTW, check out his journal article arguing that Amenhotep II was the Exodus pharaoh). The main website has the full list of consulting experts. They cover an expansive catalog of topics, including how geology and the fossil record affirm a worldwide, catastrophic flood, the discovery of soft tissues in Dinosaur fossils, the complexity of DNA, and the big bang theory of the universe.

The film makers, Level 3 Digital, created an amazing production that is beautiful to behold.  Christian media can be rather lame. I have viewed plenty of apologetic videos for creationism. While I would agree that they present exceptional content, the video is often times just a lecturer at a podium with a powerpoint presentation.  Is Genesis History? is not like that at all. Viewers are taken across a wide range of splendid locations as the documentary builds the case for a historical Genesis. We experience both exceptional content and magnificent scenery.

Pastors, youth leaders, or anyone involved with apologetic training would benefit greatly from Is Genesis History? The one main thing I appreciated about the film is that it doesn’t even consider old earth creationism as a viable, apologetic option. That is a rare position among media of this caliber. Check out the trailer for the documentary below.


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  1. Adam Staub 6 years ago

    @fredbutler You beat me to it sir! Great stuff!

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