Join Tim and Carlos and Joseph Rios for, what is sure to be a controversial episode, as they take a stand on this issue concerning the “Bible Answer Mans.” Listen in as Semper Reformanda Radio takes up the defense of Pulpit and Pen in how they called out Hank Hanegraaff and gives their perspective of heretics, apostates, and false teachers. Stay tuned until the end to find out why heretics win battles and hear how Paul the Apostle dealt with those who obscure the gospel.

At 1 hour and 30 minutes into the episode, one of our member’s states, I think we should be as charitable as the old testament says to be with people who lead people astray from God. At 1 hour and 33 minutes, another member mentions that they would stone false prophets to death and he goes on to explain how he believes that the punishment for those who bring a false gospel is far worse in the light of Galatians 1:6-11.

We need to make it clear that we are not Theonomist and do not believe that false teachers should be stoned as they were in the Old Testament. We must caution that under the Old Testament the Jewish nation could freely exercise the civil power of the sword. Tim Kauffman has pointed out that Roman Catholicism misunderstood the role of the church when it started using the civil sword against heretics starting in the latter part of the fourth century. He offers this caution to the three of us who participated in this episode. “I know the participants on the episode were being hyperbolic, but it almost came across as advocating corporal punishment for heretics. I would caution against such suggestions. It may not actually come across that way to the average listener. My ears are pretty finely tuned to the use of civil power by ecclesiastical authorities, and it never ends well, but I’m glad you came to the defense of Pulpit & Pen on this issue. Very important to stand firm.”
We thank him for his insight and wholeheartedly agree.

We would also like to congratulate Ryan Dozier on winning the set of books offered in last week’s drawing. We also want to thank all those who participated and shared our episode. We hope to have more drawings in the future to show our appreciation for our listeners.

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  1. Angela Wernet 2 years ago

    The idea that assurance can be based on our obedience rather than the perfect righteousness of Christ is unconscionable. While Christians do good works, those works can never give us assurance that God accepts us. Only what Christ has done can give us a clear conscience that we have acceptance with God who requires perfect righteousness. That is our assurance.

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