Wrath and Grace Radio Episode 8 | Christians and Weed

This week your favorite buds Marrio and Luke break down a highly controversial topic: Christians and marijuana. With legalization cropping up, Christians need to think bluntly about this issue. So grab some munchies and get ready to grow as Wrath and Grace Radio bags this eighth episode up.

Marrio sells you on the idea of copping the book: When Sinners Say “I Do” by Dave Harvey.

We introduce two new segments:

-Old School Jewels: Creature Double Feature from the Cross Movement’s album Human Emergency.

-Would you recommend this book?

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  1. Lisa 3 years ago

    I am a stage IV colon cancer that has spread to my liver, lungs and lymph nodes. I am a wife a mother and a grandmother I am also a follower of Christ and he is the most important person to me…so it was really hard for me to incorporate the CBD oil….I use a low dose thc and high dose cbd that’s what helps with the pain and nausea. No one knows the struggle I’ve gone through as a Christian but, I feel God gave me peace about using it medically. I also have two severe bipolar relatives who take it for their mental issues and I can tell you they could not function without it.
    God Bless!!

  2. Coleen Sharp 3 years ago

    Great episode guys.

    I live in Colorado where we have recreational marijuana. The amount of Christians using it surprises me. I’ve already helped two people go to rehab over it. That’s a surprise to some people but I talked with the people at the Christian rehab and it’s happening a lot. Including a guy from our church went to rehab. It’s exactly how you guys described when they start off a couple times a week and before you know it they’re using all day every day. I’m opposed to recreational use. The amount of THC in what’s available now is extremely high, which some people don’t understand. This episode was the best response I’ve heard on marijuana and Christians.

    Having said all that, I’m a medical user. While I live with a painful condition, I use it for something else, it barely touches my pain. It doesn’t bind to the opioid receptors. It really only helps certain kinds of pain. Kratom is a much better option for those with chronic pain, as it actually binds to the opioid receptors. Kratom is a leaf from a plant related to the coffee plant. I throw that in if you ever know anyone looking for alternatives to pain medication. I have something called trigeminal neuralgia, which is also called suicide disease because it’s so painful people kill themselves. Kratom doesn’t really cause a high. At the most a short much more mild version of what pain meds do. I personally don’t feel anything when I use it. I’m using less pain meds by using kratom and kratom doesn’t have the side effects of pain meds. I think marijuana may help pain for some especially by helping them forget about their pain. Kratom is a better option though.

    I use medical marijuana for nausea. I live with chronic nausea and vomiting. I take prescription meds for it. When I was down to under 90 pounds my Drs strongly suggested I try it. This is the great thing, I don’t smoke it, and I don’t get high. I use non psychoactive options which are low in thc. I use a patch, edibles (oil or tincture) and sometimes vape it. The great thing about vaping is it works almost right away. Even with vaping, I use a high cbd/low thc vape liquid, non psychoactive. The patch is wonderful because I can have 12 hours of no nausea, but it takes a couple hours to work. Marijuana doesn’t necessarily help with vomiting, but it’s amazing for nausea. Works better than anything, better than the meds. I only use it when the meds aren’t cutting it, if I wasn’t able to use non psychoactive products, I don’t know that I’d use it because I wouldn’t want to be using something that made me high. It’s helped me to be able to eat and gain weight and not suffer so much. Living with intense nausea is miserable.

    One thing on medical, not everyone using it for medical needs it. A few years ago the median age for medical users in Colorado was 26. That should tell you something. If it can really help someone, then that’s great. I would encourage if possible to use non psychoactive products. There’s so many great products. Juicing the leaf has helped people with MS. There’s some definite benefits.

    I’m completely opposed to recreational. I know a lot of people using it recreationally and it’s damaged some of their lives. And my kids get offered it just walking down the street. Some young adults using it are reselling to teenagers to fund their habit. It’s a mess.

    You guys really approached this well and did a wonderful job.

    • Author
      Luke Walker 3 years ago

      Wow Coleen! Thank you for sharing. That is very enlightening! I didn’t know about Kratom, and it’s great to hear about the low thc levels.Looking at how the churches handle this in legalized states says a lot as well. Thanks for weighing in!

      • Coleen Sharp 3 years ago

        I’m not sure how too most churches are handling it other than one of our Pastors did explain why he didn’t believe Christians should be partaking recreationally. The situation of sending someone to rehab was someone who started by using medical and was horribly addicted when he no longer needed it medically.

        There was a move to make kratom illegal in the fall which was postponed indefinitely at the last minute because of public opinion. David DiSalvo from Forbes had written negatively about kratom and received such backlash that he did a kratom experiment and wrote positively about it after a month of use. I have friends with severe pain who are completely off pain meds after years of being on them because of kratom. Although a pharmaceutical company has now gotten the rights to produce a prescription version of the active ingredient.

        Any Christian who thinks marijuana can be of benefit medically should try non psychoactive options first. In many cases high thc is simply not necessary for the medicinal benefits.

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