BTWN Episode 252 | Be Reconciled One To Another

Tim relents prior engagements with Apologia Radio, The Reformed Pub and AHA.

Tim discusses the biblical command to live at peace with all men.  To be reconciled with our brothers and sisters.

Our prayer is that by listening to this podcast you might be provoked to applying the biblical principles that should rule our lives as we seek to obey Christ in our relationships.

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  1. […] reasonable ground for disagreement but he went too far, at times outright misrepresenting Durbin. Ashamed of his bad behavior, Tim eventually called Durbin and his ministry partner Marcus Pitman to apologize to them.  […]

  2. […] about his sin and his phonecall with Apologia church leadership on his podcast in May of that year (here’s the link, and fast forward to the 44-minute mark). Tim did not repent for criticizing Apologia or Durbin, […]

  3. Trevor Nelson 6 years ago

    Well then,
    Does that mean I have to repent for making the Angry Arthur edit!? It made Len crazy and it made Arthur look like a fool… wait… is Arthur even a brother? – because that would make all the difference! Lol (I was going to make an Angry Arthur rap tune but will hold on that)
    Anyways Tim, as you hoped, my conscience was heavily weighted and your episode 252 has inspired me to do the same – I shall make a visit to a particular someone soon… before next communion.
    Thank you for your honesty. I have heard the episodes in the past to which you were referring and sort of chuckled with you and therefore was a partaker- shame on me too. I was glad you included the “coincidence” of Len calling you to say he was thinking the same.
    God bless you.
    Praying for you and your wife (and kids), Trevor

  4. Author
    Tim Hurd 6 years ago

    Thank you @reformedgal. I’ll have to get the book

  5. Coleen Sharp 6 years ago

    Really great episode Tim. This is something I feel strongly about, Christian peacemaking. Several years ago our church went through The Peacemakers series which is a wonderful book.
    I think the internet has caused some justification for lack of peace. People have said to me, “Matthew 18 isn’t called for with online relationships” and while I know it makes it more difficult, it’s Christ who brings us together online. It definitely brings some complications, we must seek peace with one another according to God’s Word.
    I really appreciated this episode and it’s a good reminder.

    I always think of the article I read a few years ago which said, “What does ‘the world’ think when we treat one another poorly?”

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